Israel behind EU bid to keep Iran bans: Analyst

Israel has been behind the EU decision to maintain sanctions against Iranian firms as part of Tel Aviv’s attempts to sabotage the recent nuclear deal between Tehran and the Sextet of powers, a political analyst tells Press TV.

“I think the Zionists are behind it. Yes I think that’s true. They’re doing everything within their power to thwart an agreement with Iran,” said Michael Jones, Editor of Culture Wars online magazine in a Monday interview.

The analyst pointed to the efforts by the French government and US lawmakers under Israel’s pressures in the course of nuclear talks in Geneva to create obstacle in the way of an agreement between the two sides and noted, “So, if this is the case I don’t see why some bureaucrat at the EU wouldn’t be also susceptible to the same kind of pressure.”

Political observers say France was the main reason behind the failure of the Sextet to reach a similar nuclear agreement with Tehran which was close to being reached in the previous round of nuclear talks in Geneva earlier in November.

Pundits believe that a planned arms deal between France and Saudi Arabia as well as Israel’s lobbying was the main reason behind Paris’ objection to the previous nuclear deal.

Jones also noted that the recent nuclear agreement “is a beginning of a long struggle over whether the deal is going to go forward.”

On Tuesday, an official of the European Union said the EU is maintaining sanctions against all but two Iranian firms that won challenges to the bloc’s sanctions regime in EU courts in September.

The bloc’s move came just days after Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – Russia, China, France, Britain and the US – plus Germany reached a deal in the Swiss city of Geneva on November 24 to lay the groundwork for the full resolution of the West’s decade-old dispute with Iran over its nuclear energy program.

In exchange for Iran’s confidence-building measure to limit certain aspects of its nuclear activities, the six world powers agreed to lift some of the existing sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

By Press TV


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