Iran forecast: Selling the nuclear deal in Tehran

Now that an interim deal over Iran’s nuclear program has been reached, after more than a decade of on-and-off negotiations, the Rouhani Government faces the task of ensuring public acceptance of its terms.

The initial signals after Sunday’s agreement were positive. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Iran’s negotiating team returned to Tehran to a rapturous welcome. The crowd cheerfully mocked those who denounced the agreement, chanting about a common front between the hard-line newspaper Keyhan and Israel.

The Supreme Leader gave his public assent, writing President Rouhani, “What you have gained, an appreciation and thanks for the nuclear negotiation body and officials is befitting, and can be the basis for the next wise steps.”

Rouhani, in a statement to the nation hours after the deal, emphasized the de facto recognition of Iran’s right to enrich uranium and a beginning to the easing of sanctions, with the prospect of a complete removal within a year.

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