Russia says only winners, no losers in Iran N. deal

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday praised the deal world powers reached with Iran on Tehran’s nuclear program and stressed it would benefit all sides.

“Nobody lost, everyone ends up winning,” Russian news agencies quoted him as saying after marathon talks in Geneva yielded a landmark accord in which Iran agrees to curbs on its nuclear programme in return for limited sanctions relief.

Lavrov said the agreement allowed for wider inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), fostered much-needed trust in the Middle East and assuaged fears of nuclear proliferation.

“Now it will be very difficult to go around the facts determined by the IAEA. We are convinced that Iran will cooperate with the agency in good faith,” he told Russian journalists.

In the next six months, negotiations will iron out “the parameters Iran needs for peaceful nuclear activity, notably to produce fuel for nuclear power stations, for research reactors, for reactors that produce isotopes for medical and other humanitarian ends,” Lavrov said.

He commended the decision to ease western sanctions in that period. “We didn’t recognise these unilateral sanctions, so it is correct to start easing pressure on Iran by removing unilateral sanctions,” he said.

Lavrov praised Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani for his serious intentions that made the agreement possible.

“With the arrival of the new president to power in Iran we have felt that declarations about the desire to resolve this issue have serious foundations,” Lavrov said.

“‘5+1’ and Iran did it!” the foreign ministry said in an unusually enthusiastic tweet.

“The world did not miss its chance,” it said, calling the deal “historic”.

By Tasnim News Agency 


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