Iran criticizes Canada for breaching Iranian citizens’ rights

United Nations, Nov 20, IRNA – Permanent representative of Iran at UN argued Tuesday that Canada’s proposing of a resolution on human rights condition in Iran was not reflective of the issue frankly, and was in fact breaching the Iranian citizens’ rights.

Before his address, Mohammad Khaza’ie seriously condemned the Tuesday terrorist explosions in front of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut that killed dozens and wounded more than 140 people, reiterating that such moves are other samples of terrorism against the Islamic Republic, and in need of immediate collective and harmonized measures of UN members against extremism, aggression, and terrorism.

Referring to the proposed human rights draft resolution, Khaza’ie said that Canada’s move definitely has roots in political intentions, adding that dealing with the human rights issue this way will not contribute to promoting it.

“On the contrary, due to the political intentions of the Canadian government, the draft resolution lacks credibility and legitimacy, and is basically unrelated to basic freedoms and human rights,” he added.

The permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at UN meanwhile referred to the process of observing democracy and strengthening the civil foundations in Iran, including the last presidential election and numerous other elections in Iran.

“As political officials around the globe have said, the Iranian elections were an obvious example of respecting the people’s rights, in a country that has been the founder of one of the oldest civilizations, and a sign of political dynamism in the Iranian society,” added the Iranian envoy.

Khaza’ie said that by turning a bilateral dispute into a human rights issue Canada should not have played with the feelings of the UN member countries, pretending to be a defender and well-wisher of the Iranian nation, under such conditions that the Canadian envoy in this session even refrained from condemning the Tuesday terrorist bombing in Lebanon in front of the Iranian Embassy.

He also set example of Canada’s unilateral severing of political relations with Iran, as a result of which hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens in Canada have been deprived of consular services.

The Iranian ambassador at UN also noted that the initiator of this resolution was a serious supporter of the racist Zionist regime, which systematically breaches event the most natural human rights of the Palestinian nation and has the record of waging several war during which it has committed serious war crimes, while another initiator of the suspicious resolution is the very racist Zionist regime.



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