G5+1 cannot impose conditions on Iran: analyst

Tehran, Nov 18, IRNA – A political analyst said on Monday that the Group 5+1 is not in a position to impose any conditions on Iran and that West has to accept Tehran’s right for enrichment.
Speaking to IRNA on the eve of the third round of talks between Iran and the sextet (US, Britain, Russia, China and France plus Germany) to be held in Geneva on November 20, Mohammad Hassan Qadiri Abyaneh said the conditions set by France during the latest talks between the two sides, were indeed “an obstacle in the way of reaching an agreement by Iran and 5+1.”

During the meeting which was held in Geneva from November 7-9, the deal-breaking manner of the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius stalled a nuclear agreement between the two sides.

According to the analyst, the French ruling party has decided to damage the trend of Iran-West nuclear deal by raising certain conditions as Paris is in dire need of the Zionistsˈ financial and media support to survive and is determined to serve them.

Abyaneh warned that setting conditions by France would only burn Westˈs chance for reaching a deal with Tehran.



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