Analyst: Nuclear talks very promising

Tehran, Nov 11, IRNA – A political Analyst and lecturer at political faculty of Tehran University Sadeq Zibakalam said on Monday that nuclear talks with Group 5+1 held in Geneva on November 7-9 were very positive and promising.

Iranian nuclear talks with Group 5+1 wound up on Saturday night and the participants declared the results as satisfactory designating November 20 for next round of talks between the two parties.

Speaking to IRNA, Zibakalam said that the second round of talks was very promising and all parties were preparing to draft an agreement that an objection was made by France.

France raised the issue of Arak heavy water reactor to create obstacle on the way of a deal which was going well, Zibakalam said.

Other members of the G5+1 were surprised with France all-of-a-sudden objection without prior coordination with other members of the E-3 team, he said.

France always tried to indicate that it is independent of the US and European Union and therefore the objection made by the French foreign minister to the deal could be interpreted as a diversion, he said.

So, France has decided to satisfy the Zionist regime along with other Arab states in the Persian Gulf region, he said adding that French minister pursues policies exactly dictated by the Saudia Arabia and the Zionist regime.

The fact is that every member of G5+1 is looking after its national interests and pursues its own, he said.

Pace of negotiations is very positive and it seems that the chance of clinching a deal between the two sides at the next round of talks to be very high, he said.



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