Zarif: Each step has to win our confidence

Geneva, Nov 10, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said each step has to win Iran’s confidence first.

Talking to reporters here Saturday evening, he noted that Iran has not yet reached an agreement with the 5+1.

Referring to the presence of the US Secretary of State John Kerry in the talks, he said the European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton provided more chances for the Iranian and American delegations to have numerous meetings.

Saying that the parties involved in the talks voiced their views in the meetings, he said apparently those who had lesser opportunities had more opportunities to express their views publicly via media.

Zarif stressed that the Iranian negotiation team is going on with the talks zealously through self-confidence and belief in the power of the Islamic Republic and will of the nation manifested in the recent presidential elections.

Highlighting the great expert work being done on the issues relating to the talks, he hoped that good results would be achieved through patience.

The foreign minister said Tehran will certainly resist any kind of exessive demanding because the Islamic Republic is intended to talk to the world with the language of logic and prove that the Iranian nation enjoys rich culture and civilization.



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