Official: Iran self-sufficient in dam construction, water industry

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran is self-sufficient in dam construction, and produces an extensive range of equipment and facilities used in water-related industries, managing director of Iranian Water Resources Management Company said Saturda

Mohammad Hajrasouliha who was speaking on the last day of the 9th Iran International Water & Wastewater Exhibition (WATEX) said that the achievements in these two fields were made in the face of financial restrictions and tough sanctions.

He referred to capabilities of Iranian experts and companies in dam construction and other related sectors,but said that export of technical-engineering services is still low, and that Iran has no presence in many countries in such fields.

The increased population growth trend in the region and lingering draught deteriorates the tight situation of water supply and serious development plans in the sector has become an undeniable requirement in Iran.

The rapid pace of development in the water sector in Iran has provided an open stage for all those willing to invest in this sector.

To provide up to date information to the investors and in order to facilitate their access to the relevant private or state owned organizations active in this field, the first round of the biannual International Water & Wastewater Exhibition (WATEX) in Iran was held in November 2000.

The 9th Iran international water & wastewater Exhibition which focuses exclusively on the water and wastewater industry is being held from 6-9 November in Tehran’s International Permanent Fairground.

In recent years, Iran has been one of the leading countries in terms of the construction of dams. It is the top country in the region and the third in the world in the sector of dam construction. Iran’s success in this field has largely been driven by its arid climate and its growing need for water resources.

Iran is located in one of the most arid regions of the world and its average annual precipitation is 252 millimeters. This figure is just a fourth of the world’s average precipitation.

While Iran has been building dozens of dams across the country, it has increasingly looked to the external market. It has dam construction projects in Tajikistan, in Kyrgyzstan and in neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia. More recently, Iran has begun to develop dams further afield, for example, in Nicaragua and Ecuador.

By Tasnim News Agency


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