NATO questions Turkey defense deal

A senior NATO commander has questioned a decision by Turkey to award a missile defense deal to a Chinese contractor.

Turkey has decided to grow its defense dealings with China, including a decision to award a USD-3.4-billion deal for buying FD-2000 missile defense system to China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp, instead of major US defense corporations.

On Wednesday, US Air Force General Philip Breedlove, who is the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, called on Turkish authorities to rethink the decision.

Breedlove also stated that Ankara should purchase a missile defense system that is compatible with other NATO systems.

“In my conversations with the Turkish military… the important point is that we have systems that are completely inter-operable and… suitable for plugging in to NATO networks,” Breedlove said.

“Can it (the Chinese missile defense system) be made to be suitable to plug into a NATO system? I don’t know,” the NATO commander added.

“I would sure like to see them buy a completely compatible and suitable NATO capability,” Breedlove said, referring to Turkish military authorities.

By Press TV


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