Turkish FM twits about Imam Hussein, Ashoura

TEHRAN, Nov. 5 (MNA) –Turkey’s Sunni and laic FM has commemorated Ashoura as ‘an unforgettable tyrannized innocence’ on his twitter page.

Mehr News reported that Ahmet Davutoğlu in a twit congratulated [Arab countries] on the new Arabian (lunar) year (beginning 1st Muharram).

In another twit, he wrote “those expressing sympathy with the suffering and pains of those inflicted in any part of the world could forget neither Muharram nor Karbala.”
In 680 AD (61 AH), about 14 centuries ago, Imam Hussein (PBUH), Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, embarked on his historic campaign against injustice to save the true Islam from Umayyad despotic rule.

Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his 72 companions fought against several thousand men of Umayyad commander and were martyred. Since then, he had been a symbol of fighting injustice and despotism for humanity, especially Shiite Muslims, who commemorate his campaign each year even after 1400 years.

By Mehr News Agency


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