Iran: Nuclear weapons, greatest threat against mankind

New York, Nov 4, IRNA – Iran’s permanent representative to UN said here Monday nuclear weapons are the greatest threat against the people, our children, the earth, and briefly speaking, the entire mankind. 

“The nuclear weapons pose the greatest security threat against us, our offspring, the Earth, and the whole mankind. Before they would wipe us all off (the Earth’s face) we have to wipe all of them off. This is both our right and our responsibility,” said Mohammad Khaza’ie.

1st Committee of UN General Assembly on Monday passed a disarmament resolution inclusive of three of Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s proposals during 68th UN annual General Assembly session.

Khaza’ie’s remarks were presented in a brief address to the General Assembly 1st Committee right before the voting for the proposed resolution by the Non-Aligned Movement (NMA).

He added, “Full annihilation of the nuclear weapons is not an optional job, but z dire necessity, because that is the only way to get rid of the threat posed by those inhumane weapons.”

The diplomat referred to the broad support of the world leaders for nuclear disarmament voiced at the High Level Nuclear Disarmament Conference in September, 3013, and asked for making the best out of the emerged positive atmosphere after that gathering.

Iran’s permanent representative furthermore informed countries’ representatives at the GA 1st Committee that the proposed resolution by NAM was inclusive of the three proposals which were earlier in the year presented by President Rohani at the nuclear disarmament summit.

“It is a move in support of the international efforts in line with the creation of a world free from the nuclear weapons, and therefore, I hereby request the countries that favor that objective to support this resolution.”

1st Committee of UN General Assembly on Monday passed a disarmament resolution inclusive of three of Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s proposals during 68th UN annual GA session.

The draft for the resolution presented to the First Committee on Disarmament and International Security by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was inclusive of three proposals presented by President Rohani.

It was approved with 129 positive, 28 negative, and 19 neutral votes of the First Committee.

On September 26th, 2013, during the 68th UN annual General Assembly, President Hassan Rohani presented three proposals on nuclear disarmament, which were welcomed by the representative delegations of various countries as well as independent personalities and the activist NGOs.

The Iranian president’s three proposals in the resolution are as follows:

1- Immediate beginning of negotiations aimed at signing an international convention aimed at banning the purchasing, manufacturing, development, stockpiling, and usage of nuclear arms, and providing the ground for their full annihilation

2- Holding an international summit meeting in the year 2018 on nuclear disarmament

3- Nomination of September 26th of every year as the international day for full annihilation of the nuclear weapons

These proposals were supported by many delegations of the countries that participated at the High Level Gathering on Nuclear Weapons Disarmament and the annual session of the General Assembly’s annual Disarmament Committee, called the 1st Committee.

The resolution’s significance is because it is the second serious initiative of the NAM in disarmament field during the past two years. NAM’s first initiative in this field was ratifying a resolution last year, on whose basis this year’s September UN General Assembly Nuclear Disarmament talks were held.

NAM’s taking the lead at that high level UN committee is in fact an effective effort aimed at annulment of the western countries’ former efforts, which were aimed at aggrandizing the threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons in world public opinion, aimed at deviating the minds from the fact that they have stockpiled thousands of them.



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