Iranian students stress continuation of fight till elimination of global arrogance

Tehran, Nov 4, IRNA – Iranian students participating in the nationwide demonstrations against global arrogance on Monday stressed the need to continue the anti-arrogance struggle until the complete elimination of the global arrogance.

Movement of the Iranian School Students issued a statement on the occassion of the National Day to Fight Global Arrogance (Aban 13) strressing that the fight against the global arrogance should continue untill its complete elimination.

The 13th day of the month of Aban according to the Iranian calendar (November 4) coincides with the anniversary of the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran by the Iranian students in 1980.

The day also marks the anniversary of sending to exile of the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic in Iran Imam Khomeini by the Pahlavi regime in 1964.

The Aban 13 also is the anniversary of the ruthless killing of the Iranian school students in Tehran by forces of the toppled Pahlavi regime in 1978.

Huge demonstrations are underway nationwide to mark the occasion.

The state television network as well as Iran’s international news networks of the Al-Alam (in Arabic) and PressTV (in English) are conversing the event live.



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