Iran-Turkey intelligence cooperation makes Israel worried

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian ambassador to Turkey Alireza Bigdeli said desirable intelligence cooperation between Iran and Turkey has made western powers and Israel worried.

“Intelligence cooperation between Iran and Turkey is in a very very good level and it is in a level which should be seen among all brotherly and friendly countries and this issue makes western powers and Israel worried,” Bigdeli told Turkish Hurriyet Daily.

He added these countries except Turkey to have intelligence cooperation with Mossad and CIA, but they are not satisfied with Iran-Turkey intelligence cooperation.

Iran and Turkish intelligence agencies are cooperating well and it is a ‘natural’ issue between the two neighbors, but western states and Israel are skeptical about it, he said.

Bigdeli noted that Iran and Turkey are working in different fields and their disagreements on Syria have not made disputes between them.

“Unlike what others may think, the relationship between the two countries is so deep that an issue like Syrian crisis would not affect it so much,” he noted.



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