US analyst: American people keen to resume ties with Iran

Tehran, Nov 3, IRNA – US analyst and university scholar Lawrence Davidson believed that the majority of American people is keen to resume ties with Iran.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, he said the US citizens like many others worldwide have no interest in political issues but urgently call for end to clashes and settling tensions through peaceful means in their foreign relations since wars have inflicted great damage on them.

Referring to the attempts of the powerful Zionist lobbies in the US which were trying to push the administration of the US President Barack Obama to take military action against Syria and preventing him from pursuing a diplomatic approach towards Iran, he said President Obama has now realized that his people are tired of wars and conflicts.

He said that is why President Obama listened to his nation and, withdrawing his decision for military actions against Syria, decided to continue diplomacy with Iran.

The Zionist lobbies and new-conservatives oppose normalization of relations with Iran, he reiterated.



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