Official: Success of Geneva II conference depends on halting foreign support for terrorists

A general view of the UN Human Right Council in debate on Syria in Geneva, May 29, 2013

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Syrian official and strategist underlined that solution to the Syrian crisis is possible only through stopping foreign aid to the armed rebels and terrorists fighting against President Bashar Al-Assad government.

“No solution for Geneva II conference can be envisaged if the financial and military supports for the armed rebels in Syria are not halted,” Syrian Strategy Researcher Qassan Yousef told FNA on Sunday.

“Among the things that the US can do is increasing its seriousness about holding the conference and exerting pressure on countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other countries to stop financial and military aid to the armed rebels in Syria,” said Yousef, who is also in charge of the Electronic Media in Syria’s information dissemination ministry.

Yousef pointed to the role of Iran in resolving the Syrian Crisis, and said, “After the visit by UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to Iran and his meetings with Iranian officials, Iran has become part of the solution and this is an issue that has been mentioned in the Russia-US agreement.”

“We are now seeing an understanding between Iran and the West, therefore it seems that Iran has turned into main and influential player in the Geneva II conference,” he added.

Last week, a senior Syrian lawmaker pointed to Tehran’s influential role in regional developments, and stressed the necessity for Iran’s participation in the Geneva II conference.

“Iran’s partnership in the meeting is necessary and important, specially given the fact that Iran enjoys regional weight and plays an important role in settling the crises,” Sharif Shahadah told FNA.

He reiterated the necessity for Iran’s participation in the Geneva II conference due to be held late November, and said that distancing the countries which can play a role in settling the Syrian crisis will complicate the Syrian crisis, prevent holding Geneva II conference and increase the possibility of military attack on Syria.

In relevant remarks, Brahimi said the international community is insistent on having Iran in the upcoming Geneva II conference.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran, the UN envoy said no letter has been sent to the world states to invite them to the conference “but the UN Secretary-General, me and many people are waiting to see the Islamic Republic of Iran’s participation in this meeting”.

“We are in a rush to hold this conference and we believe that many are in agreement with this view of ours,” he added.

Brahimi noted his visit to Iran, and said, “I am asking Iran the same thing that I have asked from other states to do, that is help and cooperation to end this perilous crisis in Syria.”

By Fars News Agency


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