Iranian ophthalmologists treat cataract, translate corneal by new laser-therapy

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers have managed to treat cataract by a new laser-therapy method using femto Secend laser system.

“Using the new device which is the newest and the most precise one in the world, we are now capable of operating different types of congenital cataracts made due to impacts in the country,” said an Iranian ophthalmologist Mostafa Naderi.

The device can make delicate and precise cuts to treat other types of eye diseases such as presbyopia, keratoconus and removing astigmatism and corneal transplants.

All people suffering congenital cataracts and even the elderly can use the method which has the least possibility of human error in the treatment process.

FemtoSecend laser system does not hurt surrounding tissues, especially cornea, boosts eye resistance against possible impacts and shortens the period of patient convalescent.



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