Russia: Iran should participate in Geneva-2

Moscow, Nov 1, IRNA – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Envoy of Russian president in the Middle East Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov said that Iran as an influential country should participate in Geneva-2 conference and Russia supports its participation.

Bogdanov told reporters on Friday that Russiaˈs principled stance about Iran’s participation in the conference is clear for everybody.

He added Russis believes that in this conference influential regional actors on Syria should surely participate.

The senior diplomat reminded that the US was opposed to Iran’s participation in world community efforts to settle Syrian crisis and their reason was that Iran is part of Syrian problem and not a solution for that.

ˈBut, now this US approach has changed and they accept Russiaˈs reasons in support for Iran’s participation in Geneva-2 conference better than past,ˈ said Bagdanov.

He added that the issue of Syrian presidency is merely related to Syrian people and is a domestic matter.



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