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Iranians can’t trust US: Jewish lawmaker

The representative of Iranian Jews at the parliament says Iran continues to distrust the US, unless Washington changes its hostile approach towards Tehran.

“Until the US has not changed its relations with Iran completely, they cannot be trusted,” said Iranian Jewish lawmaker, Siamak Mareh-Sedq, on Friday.

Alluding to the recent diplomatic interactions between Iran and the US, Mareh-Sedq said, “At some point, we may change our dialogue with this country on the basis of our national interests, but we still distrust them.”

The Iranian legislator argued that the US animosity towards Iran has its roots in the Iranian nation’s aspirations for freedom and independence.

On September 26, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his US counterpart John Kerry briefly met in New York, following Iran’s ministerial talks with the six world powers mainly over Tehran’s nuclear energy program on the sidelines of the 68ths annual session of the UN General Assembly.

This was the highest level meeting between Iranian and US officials since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

A day later, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani received a call from US President Barack Obama as he was in a car heading to the John F. Kennedy International Airport to fly back to Tehran following the UN session.

The two heads of state stressed Tehran and Washington’s political will to swiftly resolve the West’s dispute over Iran’s nuclear energy program, and exchanged viewpoints on various topics, including cooperation on different regional issues.

The phone conversation was the first direct communication between the Iranian and US presidents since Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.

By Press TV


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