Iranian Sunni local leader condemns Saravan border attack

TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) – Zahedan’s Sunni Friday prayer Imam has said unity, fraternity, and security would come with prudence and a national spirit.

Mehr News quoted Mowlavi Abdul Hamid Esmail Zehi speaking to Taqrib News Agency. “The recent terrorist attacks which brought some of Iran’s border guard corps is a despicable act in the view of the public,” he was quoted as saying.

Mowlavi, who is also the director of Zahedan’s seminary school, Darol Ulum of Mecca, added that what happened recently in Saravan was disturbing and “our people loathe such despicable acts of crime.”

No authority had taken sides with the recent crimes by the terrorists in the province, and even if our Sunni people had difficulties, “the solution was not violence, but dialogue, and not setting the pretext for man-hunt and crimes for some violent groups,” the Imam was quoted.

“If anyone to foster unrest through bloodshed, he would face the public, and these people [terrorists] would destroy their present life as well as afterlife. They should ponder what they had been doing,” he asserted.

According to Taqrib News, Mowlavi continued his sermon with “these acts are aborted, and inside the Islamic Republic, few people would support such acts, and the international dominance system should know that if it entertained revenge on Islamic Republic, it would face the wrath of the Iranian people.”

By Mehr News Agency


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