Iran overhauls Falcon 20 navigation system

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization has overhauled the navigation system of a Falcon 20 Jet plane, ICAO Chief Hamid Reza Pahlavani announced on Monday.

“The equipment related to checking airport equipment which was mounted on Falcon 20 jet airplane was overhauled today and the plane ran a successful test flight over Bushehr Airport,” Pahlavani said, addressing a ceremony marking Iran’s self-sufficiency in overhauling Falcon 20 inspection check panel.

Pahlavani said the Civil Aviation Organization has been working hard to develop the overhaul capability for Falcon 20 navigation equipment since years ago.

“The internal equipment of the Falcon 20 was out of work and its energy generation and conduit were also too old and worn out and could cause wrong signals,” Pahlavani said, elaborating on the conditions of the Falcon 20 Flight Inspection System (FIS) prior to the overhaul.

Earlier this month, Russian Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev said he was surprised to see the Iranian Air Force’s capabilities in overhauling different types of airplanes.

“I witnessed the efforts made by the Iranian technicians in overhauling fighter jets and cargo planes and as an air force expert I was happy and surprised to see such progress,” Bondarev said after visiting Iran’s Shahid Babayee Air Base in Isfahan province on Tuesday.

“The Iranian Air Force’s capabilities in building parts and equipment and overhauling different types of planes and helicopters indicate that the international sanctions have not affected the activities of the Force,” he added.

The Iranian Air Force announced in August that the Iranian experts in Shahid Nasser Habibi air base in Northeastern Iran managed to overhaul two mirage F-1 fighter jets.

The overhauling operations of the two fighter jets took 45,000 man/hours of work. The two aircraft joined the Iranian Air Force fleet after making their maiden flights.

Iran also announced in June that its experts in Shaheed Fakouri air base in Iran’s Northwestern city of Tabriz are overhauling different types of aircraft, including the strategic Mig-29 and F-5 fighter jet.

“The (country’s) second air base is in a high state of preparedness by overhauling its Mig-29 and F-5 fighter jets highly effectively and manufacturing different plane parts,” General Massoud Rouzkhosh said.

“Considering Iran and the region’s strategic and sensitive geographical situation, the armed forces should always remain in a state of full operational readiness,” the pilot added.

In August 2012, a Mig-29 fighter jet of the Iranian Army conducted its test flight successfully after being overhauled by local experts.

The aircraft which was down for 12 years could experience its first flight after it was overhauled at Shaheed Fakouri air base, which took 21,000 man/hour of work.

The Iranian experts spent 24 months to overhaul the strategic fighter jet and mounted three types of modern electronic systems onto the aircraft in a bid to increase its technical and backup capabilities.

By Fars News Agency


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