General urges US to choose logic of freedom

Tehran, Oct 28, IRNA – Chief of Staff of Armed Forces urged the US statesmen to return to logic of freedom and human equality and move in the framework of international laws and regulations.

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, by criticizing remarks of a number of US officials and their viewpoints on the US interests said the logic of John Kerry, US Secretary of State, is a logic of deception, because he says that US will do whatever is necessary for the US interests.

ˈAre US citizens your slaves that you are spying on them in different ways? Are people of France and Germany your slaves that you were spying on their officials?ˈ asked the general.

ˈDid military expeditions into Afghanistan and Iraq and death of tens of thousands of innocent people provide your interests? Was 60 years of espionage and bullying against Iranians logical?ˈ continued the general.

He stressed that events in Syria indicated that the US calculations are not correct and they may make big mistakes, too.



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