Saudi prince slaughtered in Syria

TEHRAN, Oct. 23 (MNA) – Islamic Emirate of Iraq and Sham (Syria) (DAISH, Arabic acronym) has said a Saudi prince was killed by FSA.

Mehr News reported that a leader of the group told reporters that Abdullah Ebrahim al-Dakheel, a Saudi prince, had been killed in fight with Free Syrian Army.

Meanwhile FSA had it that it has managed to kill Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani, an Al-Nosrah Front leader in al-Qunaytirah. Al-Jowlani was al-Nosrah local leader.

FSA had said before that one of most effective and important leaders of al-Nosrah, Yasser al-Abboud, had been killed in southern front of Daraa.

He was a defected Syrian army staff sergeant who was responsible for the security of Syria Prime Minister Riad Hijab during his defection to Jordan.

By Mehr News Agency


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