European Institute calls for lifting Western sanctions on Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- The website of the European Council on Foreign Relations Institute in a report wrote that the European Union (EU) can lift sanctions against Iran to step ahead in the settlement of Iran’s nuclear issue.

Upon the report, primary evaluation of Iran’s nuclear talks with the Group 5+1(the US, Britain, France, Russian and China plus Germany) indicated that words like; “serious distances”, “ isolated” and “ distrust” which were used to describe former failed talks, have changed to “rapprochement”, “careful optimism“ and “confidence building” which could be considered as a victory.

Most of negotiators agreed that talks were handled in a positive form with a different behavior by Iranians, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

The most key result of the negotiation was that Iran presented details of its proposal, instead of presenting vague framework and impractical words.

The issue of “Keeping the nuclear talks secret” is a positive sign for diplomacy, because it causes the negotiators concentrate their work on finding logical approaches instead of constant replies to the media and opposition groups.

Member countries of the EU, who are half of countries of the Group 5+1 should keep trying to form diplomatic tactics with concrete policies to present proposals, in addition to the Group’s framework, so it decreases unilateral sanctions of the EU and considers Iran’s access to the European markets.

While US sanctions have a complicated nature with political disputes between US government and Congress about future relations with Iran, which makes the possibility of lifting US sanctions against Iran very difficult, the process of decision making in the EU would be much easier than US to decrease the sanctions.

Meanwhile, as Iran indicated that ending a nuclear unnecessary crisis is important for the country, also it said that Geneva meeting should lead to a road map for upcoming talks and not to a fast solution of the problems.

And in the next Geneva meeting we will witness that mutual distrust and intolerance will change into a reciprocal pragmatism.

By Fars News Agency 


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