Those believing Iranian gene as deceptive, reliable?

TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (MNA) – Wendy Sherman, the US State Department’s third-ranking official has said of Iranians that “we know that deception is part of the DNA.”

The important lingering question is that are the US officials reliable, while they clearly state such positions? If in-depth analysis by the US officials shows that Iranian DNA is imbedded with deception, then how they will be reliable and worthy of trust-building?

Wendy Sherman, US senior negotiator in P5+1 is the major partner for Iranian negotiators. Sherman told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Iranians’ DNA was imbedded with deception in insulting remarks. We do not deem it proper for an Iranian who has thousands of years of civilization and history behind himself to respond to Sherman’s remarks; however, some considerations should be reminded to Sherman and her bosses.

1. Sherman is not definitely an expert in biology, so on what scientific grounds, has she accused Iranians of such vice? Is Iranian nation which whom the US presidents has tried to show himself a friend? However, the depth of American friendship with Iranians is evident in Sherman’s remarks.

2. Our history and civilization has been the subject of acknowledgement by the enemies. At least, we as Iranians could claim to be Iranians by origin, but is Sherman herself sure of her identity and could she tell whence her grandparents came to the New World?

3. Mrs. Sherman may well know that Iranians are not deceptive, but highly intelligent, evident in their contemporary experiments with politics. 60 years of confrontation with the US has added much to this intelligence, helping Iranians know better the irreverent American politicians.

4. Sherman was not first to insult Iranians. Before her, her bosses believed that Iranians should be extirpated. However, they did not see their wish realized. They act according to their true nature, and nothing other than that is expected.

5. The lingering important question is that whether the US is reliable with such positions.  If in-depth analysis by the US officials shows that Iranian DNA is imbedded with deception, then how they will be reliable and worthy of trust-building? A question our diplomats should answer to.

6. As a senior diplomat, Sherman is a representative of her fellow party, whose symbol is a four-footed mammalian, famous for its foolishness. She probably has come to the notion that Iranian gene is rife with distrust of Americans during her examinations. If the US is to cure this distrust ‘malady,’ then the language of insult will do nothing.

7. We have no option except to accept Sherman’s views representative of American mentality about Iran. If countries interact with others according their true identity, thus it should be assumed that Sherman is a symbol of American identity. So, we will be in the same ground if we assume her remarks are the US governments.  Interaction with a government with such flawed schemata would necessitate caution in combination with pessimism as flavoring additive.

8. Iran’s diplomatic body definitely feels itself obliged to save Iranian status and reputation; thus it should fashion a cunning response to these remarks, and it should act with much caution in dealing with Americans in nuclear negotiations. They share Sherman’s views of the Iranians.

Wendy Sherman once had said that if Iranian nuclear conflict were to be a book, recognition of Iran’s nuclear rights would comprise the last chapter of the book. She was an advisor on North Korean affairs in Clinton’s administration. She is very adept in nuclear negotiations, and has been credited with cementing nuclear agreement of 1997 with North Korea, an agreement however short-lasting, won for Sherman the fame as ‘Secretary of State Gatekeeper.’

Sherman’s expertise, she would assume, is to curb countries from the nuclear weapons. On North Korea, they adopted a policy of tolerance, but they adopted the harshest sanctions in history about Iran.

By Mehr News Agency


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