Saudi Mufti banns women from writing ‘hahaha’ in social networks

TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (MNA) – A Saudi Wahhabist mufti has written in his Twitter page women should not write ‘hahaha’ in social networks.

There has been a spike on Wahhabist muftis’ issuing ludicrous fatwas, and they compete in issuing more ridiculous fatwas than other muftis do.

Abu al-Bara is such one mufti, introducing himself in Twitter as ‘Allama (sage) Abu al-Bara,’ who has suffered much peril to issue ludicrous fatwas. In his newest fatwa, he banned writing ‘hahaha’ by women in their social network pages.

Abu al-Bara, who is a member of Saudi Board of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, wrote on his Twitter page that “ writing ‘hahaha’ by woman as a signal of smiling is banned for them,” justifying his fatwa as “ the writing is banned (haram) since it may provoke  men of forbidden deed! Still more ridiculous is where he declared that “if the intensity of the sound ‘he’ is higher, it doubles its state of being haram (banned).”

Thus, he has solved the issue as a way to prevent the realization of a vice deed. “Women had better to use ‘chaste smile’ instead of ‘hahaha!’

In yet more ludicrous fatwa on “women’s using cooler,’ Abu al-Bara had said that it was banned for woman when in the absence of her husband to turn on the cooler, “since men in neighboring houses would notice that she is alone, and vice might befall them.”

By Mehr News Agency


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