Saudi Arabia to behead Iraqi pilgrim

TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (MNA) – Saudi Arabia plans reportedly to behead an Iraqi Shiite pilgrim for allegedly his criticism of the Saudi regime.

Mehr News quoted Iraqi news website Al-Qanun releasing the news about the arrest of a Shiite Hajj pilgrim, from Kazemia neighborhood. The website wrote that Hajj Abdul al-Salam Kazem reportedly was stricken by the severe feat of sorrow for the irreverence of Shiite Imams’ shrines by the Saudi regime and cried “May God curse the unjust and tyrants.”

The report also added that “he accosted and arrested by members of Saudi Board of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” and that “they claimed that Abdu al-Salam has confessed to insult some certain figures during interrogation.”

However, Iraqi website Assot al-Iraq (Voice of Iraq) wrote that “Foreign Policy Commission of Iraqi Parliament condemned the arrest of and verdict of death on an Iraqi pilgrim in its Thursday meeting. The Commissions statement read “Saudi regime is a barbarian regime in bright day enmity with Shiite. Riyadh has no right to give such a verdict, even if the pilgrim articulated some staff under provocation from the security forces. The Foreign Ministry should immediately act to save his life.”

The story was on the focus by the social online networks. “Hajj Salam, a pilgrim from Kazemia neighborhood, was arrested by Saudi officials when he was crying and complaining to God for the scope of injustice against Imams beside Baqii cemetery (believed to host Shiite Imams shrines),” read one account. “As a result of provocations by the officials, Salam reportedly articulated some vituperation. A beheading verdict has been given, to be carried out after Hajj ceremonies.”

Saudi-Iraq relations suffered the consequences of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and violation of Saudi territories in 1990, a blow from which their relations never recovered.

By Mehr News Agency


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