MP: People demand improvement of economic situation, not talks with US

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – People’s main demand is improvement of the country’s economic situation, not talks with the US and establishment of relations with Washington, said a member of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament on Wednesday.

“There are some who link our economy to relations with America, while there is absolutely no such link between our economic situation and relations with the US, and even the sanctions,” Mohammad Saleh Jokar said in an interview with Tasnim.

He further said the assumption held by some that good ties with the US could give a boost to the country’s economy was not a sound one, saying those people want to promote the idea for their own political gains.

“If we take a look at countries around us and see those which have good relations with the US, we will find out that none of them is in a desirable situation. Even after the Egyptian revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood established relations with the US, but due to poor internal management and plots by the US, people stood up against one another and Mursi, who had been elected by the people, was forced from power,” Jokar said.

He dismissed the idea that an opinion poll should be carried out on the issue of relations with the US, saying: “There is no need to seek public opinion on every single issue. We should consider our national interests and make decisions in line with them.”

Jokar further stressed that the people’s main demand is improvement of the country’s economic situation which can be realized through sound management, proper planning and wise allocation of available resources.

By Tasnim News Agency


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