Syria: Army targets militants’ hideouts in Lattakia

TEHRAN (FNA)- Units of the Syrian armed forces on Tuesday stormed militants’ hideouts in Lattakia.

In Lattakia, a unit of the armed forces targeted militants’ gatherings in the village of al-Kabir in Lattakia countryside, killing a big number of militants and injuring others, Syrian Arab News Agency reported.

Terrorists Ahmad Jaradat from Palestine, Abu Muslim al-Tayyib from Tunisia, a terrorist nicknamed Abu khamis from Egypt and Abu Ahmad al-Anbari from Iraq, the leaders of terrorist groups of the so-called the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham affiliated to Al-Qaeda in addition to terrorists Subhi al-Emadi, Izzat Jumaa and Abu Obada al-Saraqibi were identified among the dead.

The source added that the army operation resulted in destroying the terrorists’ weapons and equipment, weapons, rockets and mines’ caches.

Units of the armed forces killed and injured a number of terrorists in al-Sawda village, among them Aref al-Doushi from Tunisia, Darwish Abu Hatab from Jordan and Hamdan Abu Rashid from Morocco.

Meanwhile, an army unit destroyed terrorists’ equipment and ammunition in the village of al-Zahi, killing a number of terrorists, among them Terkawi al-Jumuaat from Libya and Ahmad al-Assan and injuring others.

Another army unit killed members of a terrorist group in al-Frunluq reserve among them Shadi al-Shaker from Lebanon in addition to Ahmad Da’as and Abd Al-Mahmoud.

By Fars News Agency


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