Araqchi: Mutual respect, equality must for international cooperation

Iran Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal And International Affairs Abbas Araqchi

Tehran, Oct 22, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi said mutual respect and equality are prerequisites for international cooperation and success.

Making the remarks here Tuesday while addressing a ceremony to mark the United Nations Day, he noted that Iran has always suggested constructive proposals to amend the United Nations structure and function.

Referring to the recent presidential elections in Iran, he said the nation, by creating a great political epic, announced its desire for a world full of peace and tranquility based on human dignity and equilibrium.

Underlining the importance of interaction and moderation, Araqchi believed the only outcome of discrimination and inequality practiced in the international arena due to bullying views are withdrawal of culture of dialogue and expansion of extremism and violence.

The FM official further said that people all over the globe are already fed up with war, violence and extremism, regretting that the hegemonic system ruling the world is seeking to impose its own desired values on the world by practicing the policies of bullying and disrespect for the rights of nations.

As a victim of coup detat, war and terrorism, Iran has always made efforts to promote peace and reduce destructive outcomes of war-mongering policies and extremism, he added.



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