Iranian scientist designs self-repairing satellite

TEHRAN (ISNA)- A group of scientists at Concordia University, Canada, led by an Iranian researcher Mehdi Sabzalian are designing ConSat-2 satellite, using self-repairing material.

A group of researchers of the university designed ConSat-1 satellite in order to analyze regional South Atlantic Anomaly in space 3 years ago which embattles electronic equipment performance.

The satellite was selected as the best plan for the first satellite design competition in Canada and received a prize for launching satellite into space.

The team is designing another satellite using self-healing material which fills the gap and prevents other damages through breaking material in space and releasing epoxy.

Sabzalian notes, “No similar model to ConSat-2 satellite has been sent to space so far and the plan can be used for development of larger satellites and even designing further space stations.”

The team is looking for attracting investment to fund to implement ConSat-2 satellite.



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