Iran nuclear talks move toward trust: Analyst

The recent nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers were a step toward the creation of trust between the two sides, a political analyst says, Press TV reports.

“This round of talks was a great leap ahead for both sides and a solid measure aimed at mutual confidence building,” Hassan Beheshtipour wrote in an article on Press TV on Saturday.

“By offering a new proposal, which was too attractive for the Western states to reject, Iran proved that it is ready to reach a comprehensive and complete understanding with the West over its peaceful nuclear energy program,” Beheshtipour wrote.

He lauded the decision by Iran and the six powers to establish specialized committees to delve into scientific issues and noted that the scenario will pave the way for the next preliminary measures.

“It seems that the time is ripe for a comprehensive agreement between Iran and the West and we can almost hope that Israel’s obstructive measures would not be able to take the new situation to the state of limbo, which existed in the past,” he pointed out.

The analyst warned that if the West does not seize the existing opportunity, the new atmosphere for “constructive interaction” will be replaced with “a new round of confrontation.”

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, China, Russia, France and Britain – plus Germany held two days of negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear energy program behind closed doors in the Swiss city of Geneva on October 15-16.

During a meeting on October 15, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif presented Iran’s proposal titled “Closing an Unnecessary Crisis, Opening a New Horizon” to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, and the representatives of the six countries. The two sides agreed to keep the details of the proposal confidential for the time being.

Following the negotiations, Ashton lauded the talks as the most “detailed” and “substantive” ever between the two sides, describing Iran’s proposal as an “important contribution.”

Iran and the six powers have agreed to meet again in Geneva on November 7-8.

By Press TV


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