Oil exports complied budget figures, NIOC official

TEHRAN Oct 19 (Shana): Since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year on March 21, the volume of oil exports has been realized in accordance with the budget figures, NIOC’s director for international affairs, Seyyed Mohsen Qamsari said.

Speaking with Shana, Qamsari said it would take time those refineries which suspended buying oil from Iran due to unilateral sanctions to resume taking oil. He added: as foreign minister said earlier, removing obstacles requires patience and it is unlikely to remove them at once.

‘As NIOC has proved in past three decades it is and will remain one of the reliable sources of meeting energy needs of oil consumers’, Qamsari said adding the country did not suspend oil supply even during the worst days of war with Iraqi Ba’ath regime [from 1980 to 1988].

Elsewhere in his remarks, NIOC official noted those European oil refineries which were traditional Iran’s oil customers have not spend too much to change the structures of their refineries and have continued using crudes similar to Iran’s grades.

Referring to Iran’s oil quality, he noted that Iran’s crude oil yields better derivates when processed, according to the NIOC official.

He had said earlier that despite sanctions imposed over the past years, Iran has not lost its traditional oil markets generally.

Iran and European countries are currently ready to resume their cooperation, the official said, adding: However retaking the market is not easy.


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