American analyst: New sanctions might disturb nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1

Tehran, Oct 19, IRNA – An American analyst Suzan Maloney said on Saturday that ratification of new anti-Iran sanctions by the US Congress might disturb current positive atmosphere of talks between Iran and G5+1.

The expert with the American Brookings think-tank said that there is a very strong possibility that global powers reach an agreement with Iran within one year but this (ratification of new sanctions) might postpone it.

The main concerns are about the level of uranium enrichment by Iran, she said adding that the G5+1 is to follow up other issues such as the increase in the number of advanced centrifuges as well as heavy water reactor.

Imposing any new sanctions at this sensitive juncture by US Senate will throw a big hurdle to this end, he said.

The international community has reached the conclusion that it is not rational for Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment for its peaceful nuclear program but it seems that Iranian officials are ready to give some preliminary incentives.

According to the news coming from Geneva, Iran might suspend enrichment of 20 percent uranium for a six month period, she said.

Two groups are worried about rapproachement of ties between Iran and the US, she said, adding that many members of US Senate seek to toughen sanctions against Iran and also Zionists are very anxious about Iran’s progress.

Some members of the US Senate believe that economic sanctions on Iran have been very successful and such pressures should be stepped up, she said.

In my opinion, ratification of new sanctions should be considered as a serious hurdle to talks between the two sides, she said.

The fact is that Geneva talks have pitted the US President Barack Obama against some American senators, she said.



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