US official lauds most ‘intense, detailed, straightforward and candid talks’ with Iran ever

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US lauds Iran’s ‘seriousness’ in nuclear talks

The White House has praised Iran’s “seriousness” during the two-day nuclear talks between Tehran and six world powers.


UN renews support for Iran’s presence in Geneva II conference

The UN reaffirmed its support for Iran’s presence in the Geneva II Conference in a bid to help put an end to the Syrian crisis.


Iran collects gold medal in Climbing World Cup

Iranian rock climber Reza Alipour has exhibited impressive performance at the 2013 International Federation of Sport Climbing (ISAF) World Cup in China, and brought home a gold medal.


‘Turkey exposed 10 Mossad spies to Iran in 2012’

A US daily says the Turkish government in 2012 disclosed to Iranian intelligence authorities the identities of “up to 10 Iranians” working for Israeli spy agency Mossad.


Moscow cites Geneva talks as fruitful

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov termed Iran and G5+1 nuclear talks as very fruitful and constructive.


Turkey to import at least 5 mln T Iran oil in 2014 – Turkish energy minister

Turkey will import at least 5 million tonnes of Iranian crude oil next year as any more cuts in the country’s oil imports from Iran will be “threatening” to the Turkish economy, the Turkish energy minister said on Thursday.


German foreign minister praises Iran nuclear talks

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle says the latest negotiations held between Iran and six world powers are the start of “serious” and “substantive” talks over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.


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