Syria: Militants sustain heavy casualties in several areas

TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of militants were killed and wounded in a series of the Syrian army operations carried out on Tuesday dawn against militants’ dens in several areas.

A military source told SANA that the army units eliminated armed rebel groups in Rima farms, al-Nabek, Yabrood, West of Qara, Adra, West of Jarajer in Damascus countryside and destroyed cars equipped with heavy machineguns.

Militants’ dens targeted in Daraa

A military source said that the army units destroyed militants’ gatherings and dens with all weapons inside in Busr al-Harir, Nawa, Tafas, Atman, farms surrounding Tafas and Da’el in Daraa countryside.

The source added that an army unit chased members of armed rebel groups in the vicinity of Bosra Square in Daraa and wiped out most of them. Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi was identified among the dead.

Cars with weapons, ammunition destroyed in countryside of Aleppo and Idlib

A military source said that the army units destroyed two cars loaded with weapons and ammunition North Hamimeh and three others on al-Kastello axis, North of al-Nairab airport and East of Haritan, killing all militants inside the cars.

The source pointed out that several cars were destroyed in Binnish and Sarmin in Idlib countryside as militants’ gatherings were targeted in the area surrounding al-Arba’en mountain, Ma’rplait, Binnish, Sarmin, al-Shoiha, al-Majas al-Huteh and around Abu al-Dhour.

The source added that the army unit destroyed cars mounted with heavy machineguns in Saraqeb and killed 23 militants. Shadi Parish and Ahmed Parish were identified among the dead.

By Fars News Agency


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