Syrian army continues chasing militants in several cities

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army on Sunday continued chasing the remnants of armed rebel groups in a number of cities, killing scores of them and injuring many more.

Militants including non-Syrians eliminated in Damascus countryside

In Damascus countryside, a military source told SANA that the army units targeted militants’ gatherings in al-Saqi area in an-Nabek, al-Nasiriyah, Yabrood, Western Jroud of Maloula and Eastern Jairoud.

The source added that militant Nazeeh Ayman al-Houz, the responsible for a number of terrorist bombings took place in an-Nabek was killed.

A large number of militants were killed, most of them are non-Syrians, as their vehicles and equipment were destroyed.

Rocket launch pads, many vehicles destroyed in Aleppo countryside

Army units destroyed rocket launch pads and a number of vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and killed a number of militants in a series of operations carried out in Aleppo countryside.

A military source said that the operations resulted in destroying rocket launch pads in Kwairis in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo and a number of cars North of Neirab, an-Nakarin, North of Rasm al-Aboud and on al-Kastello road in the Western countryside of Aleppo.

All weapons and ammunition inside the cars were destroyed and militants were killed.

Army units pursue the remnants of militants in Idlib and its countryside

A military source said that the army units pursued the remnants of the armed rebel groups in the vicinity of al-Daif (guest) valley and destroyed four machinegun-equipped vehicles in al-Za’lana, and Ma’rshamsheh villages and in Ma’arrat al-Numan in Idlib countryside.

A number of militants were killed and injured including non-Syrians.

By Fars News Agency


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