Pakistani MP hopeful of positive outcome of Iran n-talks

Islamabad, Oct 13, IRNA – Pakistani Member of Parliament (MP) on Sunday said that western states must accept Iran’s peaceful nuclear right adding that he was hopeful of the positive outcome of upcoming Iranian nuclear talks.

The next round of nuclear talks between Iran and 5+1 is to be held in Geneva on October 15-16.

Talking to IRNA Senator Tahir Hussain Mashhadi termed the visit of Iranian President Hssan Rouhani to UN as highly successful.

He said that the Iranian President, during his visit, gave a distinct message to the world and presented the principled stance of Iran on global issues.

The lawmaker went on to say that phone call of US President Barack Obama to President Rouhani has shown major shift in the US foreign policy. “I think the ice has started melting,” he viewed.

He said President Rouhani is a visionary leader respected by freedom lovers across the world.

Mashhadi added that the change in the US anti-Iran approach is the success of Tehrans powerful foreign policy. The politician said that Iran is a peace loving country and has always pursued non-violent polices.

He said that Iran wants to develop strong relations with all countries of the world, adding that it is the US that has been targeting Iran for no reason. “But I am happy to see that there is a major shift in US foreign policy towards Iran,” said the lawmaker.

He reiterated that Iran is a major stakeholder in the region, adding that peace cannot be restored to the area without the help of Iran.

Mashhadi said the world is realizing the truth about peaceful nuclear program of Iran. “I think the West will show more realistic approach in talks with Iran,” he opined.

The political leader strongly believed that developing peaceful nuclear program is Iran’s inalienable right which cannot be denied. He said that Iranian leaders have always assured to the world that they have no intention of developing nuclear weapons.

“Iran is an independent country and has every right to develop peaceful nuclear technology,” he said.

“It is strange that certain countries possessing nuclear weapons are concerned over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program,” he said.

Mashhadi urged western states to accept Iran’s peaceful nuclear right.

There would be a more appropriate atmosphere for Iran in the next rould of talks, he said.



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