Iran Round-Up: Tehran repeats “we are ready for nuclear deal”

Iranian State and semi-official media maintained a steady flow of articles on Saturday proclaiming Tehran’s readiness for a deal on its nuclear program, before the start of talks between Iran and the 5+1 Powers in Geneva on Tuesday.

Press TV, for example, headlined, “China Praises Iran Goodwill in N-Issue“, while carrying a warning from Economy Minister Ali Tayyebnia that sanctions on the Islamic Republic harm the global economy.

Perhaps the most interesting signal was the support of the Revolutionary Guards’ outlet, Fars News, for the line — despite the Guards’ tensions with President Rouhani over engagement of the West.

Fars features a re-assertion of Iran’s general framework for a deal, through a statement by Mohammad Hassan Asafari, a member of Parliament’s National Security Commission:

To be fruitful, the negotiations need some positive steps taken by both sides.

For instance, the westerners can make some decisions [to remove the European Union’s prohibition] on the insurance of Iranian oil tankers or revise their decisions with regard to the ban on the purchase of Iranian crude by China, India and Japan before the start of the talks in a bid to show their good will.

Meantime Tehran is ready to show more transparency in its nuclear program in the upcoming talks.

Asafari’s statement tips off two measures that Iran would see as significant in return for its promise to suspend enrichment of 20% uranium: 1) steps to reverse the EU’s July 2012 sanctions, which sharply curbed Iran’s oil and other trade through the bans on insurance and financial transactions; and 2) President Obama’s use of waivers lifting the threat of penalties on Iran’s Asian customers if they increase oil purchases from Tehran.

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