World fed up with wars, favors Rouhani: Glenn

An analyst says the growing chorus for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to receive the Nobel Peace prize shows that the war-weary world is looking for peace.

“I think that it is a good indicator that the people had enough and they are ready for the next chapter not just for their lives as individuals but all of our lives as human beings on planet earth,” Mark Glenn said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

He was reacting to an online poll conducted by the Guardian, showing high votes in favor of Rouhani being awarded the peace Nobel.

Glenn said Rouhani’s recent pacifist address to the UN General Assembly underlined the fact that “people are finally getting sick of war and sick of war in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit.”

According to the survey, Rouhani is being lauded for his recent diplomatic initiatives, including calls for the establishment of ties with the West based on mutual respect and understanding.

In his address to the 68th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, Rouhani reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran poses no threat to the world and Tehran is ready for talks on its nuclear energy program with complete transparency.

In the first direct communication between an Iranian and a US president since Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979, Rouhani had a phone conversation with President Barack Obama on September 27 in New York.

“Whether it is something that is actually part of the overt intellectual process or whether they just have this feeling down in their bones that these wars are never going to end until Israel is contained, I think that the statement here that is represented by this poll indicates that people have had enough and they are ready to go back to peace and prosperity,” said Glenn.

By Press TV


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