Rouhanis successful UN visit undermines all western conspiracies: educationist

Islamabad, Oct 9, IRNA — A Pakistani educationist on Wednesday said that successful visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the United Nations (UN) has proved that conspiracies to isolate the Islamic Republic have been failed.

Talking to IRNA Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at University of Sargodha said that Iran being a strong democratic state has become a role model for other world countries.

He said that phone call of US President Barack Obama to President Rouhani is a major development and success of strong Iranian foreign policy.

The analyst said that it looks that US wants to settle all issues with Iran which is very good sign for the peace of the region as well as the world.

He added that Iranian President has shown to the world that the Islamic Republic is a peaceful country and wants to develop strong relations with world states.

He noted that Iran is a major world country and cannot be isolated from the global politics.

He stressed that it is more encouraging for the world that Iranian Parliament has also supported the initiatives of President Rouhani taken during the UN visit.

The analyst said that Iran wants West to accept its peaceful nuclear right and for this Iran is ready for dialogue to resolve all issues with West peacefully through diplomatic channel.

He said Europe has understood that strong relation with Iran is to their interest. Iran holds a strong position in the world and the western states cannot ignore the Islamic Republic, he noted.

The educationist added that sanctions have failed to deter progress of Iran.

Ahmad Khan viewed that Zionist regime has been isolated because of its aggressive policies. He added that Benjamin Netanyahu is giving aggressive statements just to win the sympathies of the hard liners. He said that US-Iran direct contact is a great setback for the Zionist Regime.



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