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Iran’s foreign minister in hospital after being ‘misquoted’ over US phone call

Mohammad Javad Zarif says on Facebook he has back pain after newspaper reports him describing contact as ‘inappropriate’.

Iran’s foreign minister has admitted himself to hospital complaining of back pain and spasms he says he has suffered after a hardline newspaper misquoted him on the subject of the president’s contact with the US.

Mohammad Javad Zarif posted a comment on his Facebook page saying he had cancelled his appointments and gone to hospital late on Tuesday having become upset after Kayhan daily “misquoted” him as saying Hassan Rouhani’s recent telephone conversation with President Barack Obama was “inappropriate”.

Although Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has backed Rouhani’s decision to open diplomatic contact with the US, he has hinted that some aspects of those efforts were “not appropriate”. This was understood to refer to the Obama-Rouhani phone conversation during the Iranian president’s visit to the UN general assembly in New York last month.

By The Guardian


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