Iran builds ultrasonic cleaner devices

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian engineers have designed ultrasonic cleaner devices, using ultrasound waves.

The device converts electricity to ultrasound waves and changes them to liquid. Then the current is changed to a current with high voltage as it passes a feeder sector of the device. The current is then transferred to piezoceramic circles through metal sheets.

The material is then pressed concurrent with piezoceramics which vibrates them. The vibrations are then transferred to the amplifier.

The cleaner can be used in medical and research areas, medical centers and hospitals to sterilize equipment as well as industries used for producing medical and drug tools.

The equipment can be used in oil, gas, petrochemistry industries, electronic and telecommunications, manufacturing helicopters, Iran Khodro auto-maker research center as well as productions lines and repair units.

The newly-designed system can also be used for producing material in nanometer dimensions, processing them, boosting and facilitating complex chemical reactions, producing suspensions and emulsion, purifying oil material, producing composite material, reception of herbal extraction and cell analysis.



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