Envoy: Iran, terrorist acts victim, opposed to aggression, extremism

New York, Oct 8, IRNA – IRI Permanent Ambassador to UN Mohammad Khaza’ie said here Tuesday that as a victim of terrorist acts, Iran wants a world free from aggression and extremism.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has been a victim of terrorist acts ever since some decades ago, including state-sponsored terrorism,” Khaza’ie said, addressing a meeting of the UN General Assembly Legal Committee.

He added, “We, as citizens of a country that has always been targeted by this notorious phenomenon, are quite aware of the aftermaths of the terrorist acts for the victims and the society.”

The ambassador of Iran at the UN, meanwhile, elaborated on the objectives of the state-sponsored terrorism, including putting at stake the peace, security, and natural rights of the human beings, as well as blocking the path for technical and scientific development of the developing countries through killing those countries elites.

“It was state-sponsored terrorism that led to martyrdom of a number of our country’s scientists and that was a sample of the challenges with which the world is entangled, and is dealt with selectively, categorizing it in good and bad acts of terrorism.”

The Iranian ambassador criticizing that type of categorizing warned against weakening the nations’ trust and cooperation, and considered the main strategy for launching an effective international campaign against terrorism as adoption of a unified approach by the international society against the malicious phenomenon.

Mohammad Khaza’ie said that the terrorism threat has targeted the world community today, referring to President Hassan Rohani’s UN General Assembly address, adding, “As the president of my country reiterated, today aggression and extremism have penetrated beyond the physical barriers of the countries, and they have unfortunately damaged the spiritual and psychological dimensions of the human societies.”

The permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the UN also referred to the proposal of President Rohani on declaring a “World against Violence and Extremism” (WAVE), asking the world nations, and particularly the United Nations to heed the matter and to include it in the agenda of the concerned UN committees.

President Rohani said in his UN address:
Our world today is replete with fear and hope; fear of war and hostile regional and global relations; fear of deadly confrontation of religious, ethnic and national identities; fear of institutionalization of violence and extremism; fear of poverty and destructive discrimination; fear of decay and destruction of life-sustaining resources; fear of disregard for human dignity and rights; and fear of neglect of morality. Alongside these fears, however, there are new hopes; the hope of universal acceptance by the people and the elite all across the globe of “yes to peace and no to war”; and the hope of preference of dialogue over conflict, and moderation over extremism.



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