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Envoy calls Iran’s anti-narcotics campaign most effective in world

Moscow, Oct 9, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Reza Sajjadi said here Tuesday that the Islamic Republic has topmost position in campaign against narcotic drugs trafficking around the globe.

“The major part of the narcotic drugs produced in Afghanistan is smuggled into Iran, where the Iranian anti-narcotics police forces seriously encounter the traffickers,” said Sajjadi at a press conference.

He added that the narcotic drugs produced in Afghanistan have been recently trafficked to various destinations in the West through alternative routes in Pakistan and the Arab countries on the southern coasts of the Persian Gulf.

Sajjadi said, “90% of the seized narcotic drugs in the world is discovered and confiscated in Iran and the strongest record in discovering the smuggled narcotic drugs in the world belongs to the Iranian police forces, which is a sign of the strong will of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its campaign against such drugs trafficking.

The ambassador of Iran to Russia said, “We discover and seize from 500 to 600 tons of narcotic drugs in Iran annually.”

He added, “Iran has signed a treaty with the UN for cooperation with it in joint campaign operations against narcotic drugs trafficking in Caucasus region, called the CANNAL, and would participate at that operation in the future, as well.”

The Iranian ambassador said that Iran is also seriously cooperating with Russia in campaign against narcotic drugs trafficking, adding, “It is important for us that the Caucasus region would get rid of narcotic drugs trafficking thanks to the joint efforts made by Iran and Russia.”

He added, “Therefore, in a bilateral program in the framework of five littoral countries of the Caspian Sea, we are participating in this international campaign against narcotic drugs trafficking, as well.”


A reporter asked Sajjadi about his prediction on the upcoming talks between the new Iranian nuclear negotiation team and the G5+1. He said, “The Iranian delegation in those talks will be led by Mohammad Javad Zarif and the EU3+3 group by the EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, but the members of the Iranian delegation have not been announced yet.”

Another reporter asked about the Iranian side’s proposal to the G5+1. Sajjadi said, “I have no information about the two sides new proposals.

In response to another question on Iran-Russia talks on replacement of S-300 air defense system with Antey-2500 system, too, he said, “No serious talks on the matter has taken place yet, but I hope the matter would be resolved in the near future, as both sides are interested is solving the problem.”



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