Adviser: Islamic revolution’s principles, not negotiable

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A top adviser to the Iranian defense minister emphasized that Iran would never negotiate over issues that deal with the principles and ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

“The Islamic Revolution’s principles, fundamentals and main goals will not be subject to negotiations or bargaining at all,” General Rostam Qasemi said in a gathering of the IRGC Navy personnel on Tuesday.

Also referring to Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Qasemi said the nuclear issue has turned out to be a pretext for certain countries to impose sanctions against the Islamic Republic, as, he added, some powers possess huge arsenal of nuclear weapons but do not come under scrutiny or objection.

The military adviser further pointed to the ongoing medical sanctions on Iran, explaining that such a hostile move is a sign that the “global arrogance’s human rights claims” are all bogus.

“Medical sanctions against our country which directly affect the lives of thousands of patients, is a deliberate atrocity by the West against the Islamic Iran’s nation,” Qasemi said.

In relevant remarks on October 2, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also affirmed that the country will never consider its nuclear principles and rights a negotiable issue.

“We will enter talks about details, but we do not regard the nuclear principles and rights as negotiable at all,” the Iranian president noted.

And in separate remarks in a meeting with some members of the US research institutions in New York on September 27, the Iranian chief executive lambasted the western sanctions for targeting the Iranian nation.

“The continuation of pressure, arms twisting, intimidation and extra territorially imposed measures directed against the Iranian people and innocent civilians, trying to prevent them from having access to a whole range of necessities from technology to medicine, from science to food stuff could only poison the atmosphere and undermine the conditions necessary for making progress and weaken our resolve,” Rouhani pointed out.

By Tasnim News Agency


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