Iran’s first elderly empowerment center opens

Simultaneously with the Health Week, north of Tehran is witnessing the opening of the center for mobility, health and happiness of aged people. This center is emphatic on enhancement of mobility and improvement of abilities of the elderly.

According to Tehran SAMA, Social and Cultural Deputy of Tehran Municipality Mohsen Farahani said: “This year the slogan for the Aged Day has been announced by the World Health Organization as “What the Elderly Say?” On the occasion of the aged day and week special programs and plans will be carried out in Tehran. One of the special programs in Distinct 1 is the opening of the mobility, health and happiness center for the aged which has become operational with the cooperation of the Health Administration of Distract 1 and Sharif Technical University. Its opening ceremony will be held at Shatranj (Chess) Garden Park on Wednesday October 2.”

Further elaborating on the specification of the center Farahani said: “This center is unique in its kind in the country and one of the features of the devices in the center is their recreational aspect for the visitors so that all the movements made by the device would be shown through a monitor. The person who uses the device while practicing body movements which are good for their body condition and age, they would be encouraged to perform the movements properly by following up a diversified game.”

Therefore, citizens, especially the aged, who are suffering from movement inability, could refer to the center and by using the sports devices would regain their vitality and freshness.

By Tehran Municipality


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