Iran elected as reporter of UN disarmament commission

New York, Oct 2, IRNA – United Nations Disarmament and International Security Commission elected Iran as reporter for its 68th annual meeting.

The election of a member of the Iranian delegation to the sensitive position in the UN took place despite months-long efforts by representative of the Zionist regime to prevent Iran’s election.

The Zionist regime representative issued a protest letter urging members not to let Iran be elected as a member of the commission’s presiding board.

The election took place in the site of the General Assembly just one hour after the Zionist regime prime minister vigorously criticized the attitude of the Iranian government during his remarks.

The remarks were countered by a powerful and well-reasoned response of the Iranian representative at the UN Khodadad Seifi who stressed the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

He said that contrary to the baseless remarks of the Zionist premier, Iran’s nuclear program has always been under full supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Seifi voiced Iran’s full readiness to make a sincere participation in meaningful talks and said that the Zionist PM is trying to deceive the UN body.



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  1. Gotyou Onthisone

    Unknown to the mullahs of Iran, I’m guessing, is that using the word “Zion” in any form connects the Jews to their ancient homeland in Zion, which is Jerusalem and all of the land of Israel! It’s a BIBLICAL word! So, thanks for that recognition, Iran! HA!