Official stresses importance of change in West approach

Tehran, Oct 1, IRNA – Presidential Advisor Hessameddin Ashena said the changes in the West’s tone are not as important as changes in its performance.

Noting that the visit of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to New York to take part in the 68th United Nations General Assembly meeting demanded many preparations to guarantee its success, he said the President decided to attend the meeting only after he made sure that the success of the trip was guaranteed.

The message the Iranian President conveyed to the world during his meetings and addresses in New York was that Iran seeks and promotes peace and, as a victim of violence, favors a world void of nuclear arms.

The important thing that happened in New York was that a country which is being accused of supporting terrorism and extremism asked the whole world to unite against violence, radicalism and extremism, he said.

He noted that even if the international community failed to receive Iran’s message, the very fact that a country which is accused of holding extreme views would help improve its image in the world.

Ashena noted that the statement read to the meeting of disarmament committee could in fact serve as a doctrine for the national security for all world countries to stop producing and stockpiling nuclear arms, stressing that this creates trust in the opposing parties.

Pointing to the positive outcomes of the nuclear talks in New York, he said one important achievement of the talks was that the level of talks was enhanced to foreign ministers of the participating countries.

He said the talks also proved that Iran still continues with its trust-building efforts.

He stressed that during the nuclear talks in New York, the Iranian delegation highlighted the illegal, tyrannical, non-human and useless nature of sanctions being imposed on the country.



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