Zarif: Iranians deeply distrustful of US

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian nation is deeply distrustful of the US since American officials have never been honest to Iran, including the US’s behavior towards the use of chemical weapons by Iraq’s army during the imposed war on Iran (1980-1988), Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

“We can’t start history at the time of our choosing. The background has to be addressed. The historical aspects have to be addressed. Historical sources of Iran, very seriously and deeply mistrust of the behavior of the United States, need to be addressed and we should take concrete steps, concrete steps, one after another,” the Iranian top diplomat told ABC on Sunday.

“We haven’t forgotten the fact, when Iraq used chemical weapons against Iran, and the US blamed us for the use of chemical weapons. These are facts that are fresh in the minds of Iranians. We’re willing to show flexibility, not forget that. We may be willing to forgive as president mandela said once,” Zarif said.

Iran has been a victim of chemical weapons. Tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and wounded by chemical weapons during the Iraqi-imposed war on Iran (1980-1988).

On June 28, 1987, Iraqi aircraft dropped mustard gas bombs on Sardasht a city in Northwestern Iran, in two separate bombing runs on four residential areas.

Sardasht was the first town in the world to be gassed. Out of a population of 20,000, 25% are still suffering severe illnesses from the attacks.

There is no doubt that Iraq acquired the technology and the materials to develop chemical weapons from the US and a number of Western countries, which not only equipped the Iraqi regime with the technology but also supported it financially.

Nearly 100,000 Iranians were affected by nerve and mustard gases, and around one in 10 died before receiving any treatment. About five to six thousands are still receiving medical treatment.

Around 100,000 Iranians are still living with the effects, which include long-term respiratory problems, eye and skin problems as well as immune system disorders, psychological disorders, genetic disorders and cancers.

By Fars News Agency


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