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Rouhani’s speech proved Iran peaceful nature: Analyst

A political commentator says Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech at the UN General Assembly session proved the peace-loving nature of the Islamic Republic.

“… He (Rouhani) successfully conveyed Iran is a peaceful nation that threatens no one, and is willing to join with others in creating a peaceful world,” Finian Cunningham wrote in a column for Press TV on September 27.

He noted that Rouhani’s remarks were so influential that even the US “mainstream media had to give” the Iranian president a “fair hearing.”

“Rouhani’s address was a paragon of rational argument that reinforced humane values of respect and equality,” wrote Cunningham.

In his address to the annual session of the UN General Assembly, Rouhani said, “Militarism and recourse to violent and military means to subjugate others are failed examples of the perpetuation of old ways in new circumstances.”

Cunningham said Rouhani’s remarks infuriated warmongers in the United States and Israel.

“The trouble for these American and Israeli warmongers and hate-filled psychopath politicians is that we now live in a world of instant global communications where ordinary people can hear the words of others without them being warped and poisoned,” he wrote, adding, “The American elite and their warmongering allies in Britain, France and Israel, among others, know that they are up against a powerful wave of reason and noble sentiment.”

He said Rouhani’s speech helped the Iranian nation find “a new ally – the rest of the world.”

Cunningham added that the Iranian presidents “sentiments and aspirations seemed on the crest of a wave.”

By Press TV


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